Stotras is a privately-run Agrochemical trading and marketing company providing chemical, logistic and product procurement solutions for businesses throughout Australasia.

Key features of STOTRAS

STOTRAS strictly stands by the ethics that we believe forms the basis of our organization and makes us stand apart in the crowd:

  • Quality Management System

    Delivering quality products is what we swear by under any circumstances. Rigorous attention is paid to ensure we supply the highest quality products to our clients, adhering to the required specifications and packaging standards

  • Customer Support

    Our sound team ensures that all your concerns and queries are served with immediate effect. Easy communication with our team can help you solve your problem in an instant.

  • Logistics and Storage

    We provide our customers with a customized logistics and storage solution whilst keeping the costs and making the process hassle free.

  • Global Reach

    Stotras has an extensive supplier base and representatives present in all major overseas locations. This enables us to have a global reach in fulfilling our customer’s product requirements.

Our Products

  • Agriculture

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